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The Research Library (Rez-de-jardin level, François-Mitterrand Library)

A reading room of the Research Library (Rez-de-jardin level) © Alain Goustard / BnF

A reading room of the Research Library (Rez-de-jardin level)

The Rez-de-jardin level of François-Mitterrand Library is part of the Research Library that also includes the Richelieu-Louvois, Arsenal and Opera Libraries.

Entrance is limited to accredited users after an interview at the Readers' Guidance Service. In the reading rooms, readers can consult printed and audiovisual heritage collections, Internet archives and a selection of documents available in free access in all fields of knowledge.

Readers consulting electronic resources © BnF

Readers consulting electronic resources

The BnF takes out subscriptions to electronic periodicals or books and to various databases. These resources are available via computers in the Rez-de-jardin level’s reading rooms as well as on the other sites of the Research Library.

The Gallica digital Library is also available on all sites of the Research Library. It provides access to a wide variety of documents including copyrighted resources. There is also a remote access to Gallica digital Library; in that case, copyrighted documents cannot be consulted.

Heritage collections are made up thanks to the legal deposit of the French publishing production but also via purchases, donations and exchanges with big foreign institutions. These documents are housed in closed stacks; no matter the user’s seat. His/her request can concern all types of documents (except for audiovisual documents that should be consulted in Room P) and be sent from any reading room.

Reference works and magazines available in free access have been recently purchased. They are housed in one of the six departments corresponding to the matter dealt with:

  • Philosophy, history and human sciences
  • Law, economics and politics
  • Literature and art
  • Sciences and technology
  • Bibliographic research
  • Audiovisual

To be noted

In the reading rooms of the Research Library, readers can also consult the collections of the Inathèque de France (legal deposit of radio and television works) and the digitized collections of the Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) – Archives françaises du film.

Friday, April 11, 2014