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Consulting documents at Richelieu Library

Due to renovation works at Richelieu Library, some collections need to be moved to other storage areas. Some of the documents moved to other sites can still be ordered to be consulted with a delayed time at Richelieu Library. The documents still housed at Richelieu Library remain available without delay.

Accessing documents stored at Richelieu Library

Documents still housed at Richelieu Library are available as usual in each department.

To be noted

The readers of the Departement of Prints and Photographs must have an INHA reader's pass (given for free) to enter the Labrouste reading room. The accreditation service is located at the entrance of the library, in the Labrouste hall.

Consultation with delayed time or suspended communication

Due to important renovation work at the Richelieu Library, some documents have been temporarily moved to other storage areas. Allowing for exceptions, documents can be ordered and delivered at Richelieu Library; the delivery time depends on how far the document is located (between 24 and 72 hours).

A list of shelf marks concerning these documents might be found below.

If you cannot open the document, right click on the link, choose where to save the document on your hard disk, and click "Save."

It is possible to reserve your documents two days in advance before your visit to the Manuscripts department or the Performing arts department.

Demande de réservation de documents (Manuscripts department or Performing arts department)

Documents temporarily unavailable

In the framework of the renovation work at the Richelieu Library, the transfers of collections are achieved between 29 August 2016 and 28 February 2017. Certain collections are temporarily unavailable.

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