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Arsenal Library

Located in the Bastille district, the Arsenal Library was the former residence of the grand masters of artillery. In 1759, the Marquis de Paulmy starts to build up there a major encyclopaedic library turned into a public library in 1797.
Over one million documents are available: books, magazines, manuscripts, prints, maps and plans, music documents... Since then, the library’s favourite fields of expertise have been literature and history. The library also houses several special collections: the Bastille Archives, the Prosper Enfantin Collection (Saint-Simon movement), the Lambert collection dedicated to Huysmans, the collection of typographer Ladislas Mandel, the archives of Georges Perec or the Oulipo collection.
Tours are organized in the library which received the 'Maison des illustres' label in 2012. Numerous lectures, exhibition or concerts in connection with the collections are proposed to visitors.

Catalogs of the Arsenal Library

For printed documents:

For manuscripts and archives collections:

The collections of prints, cartographic and music documents are not entirely listed in computerized catalogues. For these collections, printed catalogues can be consulted at the Arsenal Library. Additional catalogues are also available for the majority of special collections:

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