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Bertrand René. Max Dearly and Mistinguett dancing the swaying waltz. BnF | Performing Arts Departement

The Performing Arts Department holds the traces of all forms of performing arts: theatre, circus, dance, puppets, mime, cabaret, music-hall, street art as well as cinema, television and radio. One of its missions is to preserve all types of documents created before, during and after a show: manuscripts, letters, models, scenery pieces, costumes and objects, photographs, audiovisual documents, posters, drawings and prints, programmes and press clippings as well as books and magazines.The Department also houses many archives and collections from personalities or institutions (performance halls, festivals, companies...). A service of the Performing Arts Department is settled in Avignon.

The reading room is open to the readers of the Research Library: academics, researchers, students, professionals in the field of performing arts, librarians.

Catalogs of the Performing Arts Department

The collections of the Performing Arts Department are listed in two catalogues:

  • BnF archives et manuscrits for manuscripts and archive collections
  • the Catalogue général de la BnF for the other documents: printed documents belonging to the Rondel collection, books, iconographic periodicals and documents, press clippings and programmes.

In BnF archives et manuscrits, each archive collection includes a short historical introduction and a note about consultation procedures.

For certain collections, some specific research tools such as paper or / and handwritten inventories are made available to readers in the Department's reading rooms.

Some collections are not listed yet in digitized catalogues but can be consulted by readers making a specific request.

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