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The Department of Science of Technology preserves and enhances the collections in scientific, technical and medical fields. In addition to its legal deposit collections, the Department houses major scientific collections in foreign languages as well as French and foreign theses.
A large offer of digital resources – books, current and retrospective collections of magazines, databases - complements the printed collections.
The Resource Centre on Sustainable Development, located in Room C of the Reference Library, proposes to focus on sustainable development and its practices according to a cross-disciplinary approach.

Collections of the Science and Technology Department

The department holds a very large collection of theses in printed and microfiche form, covering all disciplines. In particular, this includes all French theses transferred to microfiche by the National Technical Research Association (Association Nationale de la Recherche Technique/ANRT) since 1985. The department also holds a collection of French standards.

Centre de ressources Développement durable ( Resources Centre for Sustainable Development )

Located in Room C of the Haut-de-jardin Library, the Centre de ressources Développement durable proposes a collection of 1,500 books, about twenty magazines ((Terra Éco, La Revue durable, L’Écologiste, La Maison écologique…) and audiovisual documents.

It covers numerous fields of interest: biodiversity preservation, waste processing, green economy, education for sustainable development or sustainable construction. It aims to provide any person interested in this topic with a wide variety of information.

This Resources Centre benefited from the support of the Hermès Foundation.

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Portail Développement durable Portail Développement durable
Online documents to complement the collections about sustainable development housed in the Reference Library (Rooms C and D). The topic is approached from various angles: history of ideas, debates, new consumption habits...

History of the department

The decision to create the Science and Technology Department was made when designing what was to become, in 1994, the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
This institution was formed by merging the former National Library with the Établissement public de la Bibliothèque de France.

The department’s collections include both:

  • Heritage documents arising from the topical division of collections belonging to the former Printed Materials Department of the National Library. These collections include extensive material obtained under the legal deposit scheme and revolutionary seizures, as well as acquisitions, donations, and bequests. They include the majority of documents printed in France since the 16th century.
  • Documents acquired from 1991 onwards for the open-access collections held at the François Mitterrand Library (Site François-Mitterrand).
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