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The Bibliothèque nationale de France is organized in 14 departments of collections located on 5 different sites (François-Mitterrand, Richelieu, Arsenal, Opera, Maison Jean Vilar) ; documents are organized by themes or material media.

The François-Mitterrand Library is dedicated to printed and audiovisual documents; the Richelieu Library houses the other collections: manuscripts, prints etc.
Access conditions are not the same to enter the Reference Library and the Research Library.
  • The Reference Library, also called Haut-de-Jardin Library (François-Mitterrand Library) is available to all over 16 years of age. Some encyclopaedic collections are available in free access.
  • The Research Library (François-Mitterrand Library and other sites), is available to accredited users and provides access to heritage collections.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

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