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The BnF is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Digital roadmap

Télécharger le schéma numérique de la BnF [fichier .pdf – 5507 Ko – 15/04/16 – 120 p.]

This very special companion to the BnF strategy describes the main topics, the tools and the development opportunities for the “digital BnF”. Encompassing activities and ideas that have supported new heritage policies both in France and abroad, it highlights the BnF’s ambitious and determined policy in terms of collections development, preservation, cataloguing, innovation, content curation and dissemination, cooperation and training.
The challenges a national library is facing in the digital area are actually numerous: in less than two decades, the digital revolution has caused major upheavals, which represent a constantly evolving challenge for public action. For instance, how can continuity be ensured over ages when the content, media and scale are constantly evolving? How can traditional and new heritage forms be held together, the latter still to be further defined?

Six strategic priorities have been defined:

  1. Building a digital reference collection
  2. Cataloguing and preserving
  3. Innovating for the benefit of users
  4. Feeding into a network of national and international partners
  5. Simplifying tools and processes for the BnF and its partners
  6. Engaging in sustainable innovation

This roadmap also exposes the BnF’s vision for the future regarding digital issues.


Digital roadmap [file .pdf – 15859 Ko – 16/08/03 – 120 p.] Synthesis of the digital strategy of the BnF - March 2016

Friday, January 27, 2017