The BnF

The protagonists of Richelieu renovation project

Renovation of Richelieu library involves numerous partners with specific expertise and complementary missions.

Works in the Manuscript´s reading room

Works in the Manuscript's reading room

Decision makers

  • The Ministry of Culture and Communication (MCC), as the contracting authority, funds 80% of the project costs.
  • The Ministry of Education (MEN) funds 20% of the project costs. This budget will be devoted to the running of partner libraries housed in the Richelieu quadrilateral area.

The project pilot

The Opérateur du patrimoine et des projets immobiliers de la culture  (OPPIC) has been commissioned by the MCC and the MEN to pilot the project.

 The architect

The agence Bruno Gaudin was selected in July 2007 to run the renovation project. It works in collaboration with the three following agencies: IOSIS (all professions), CASSO (prevention) and L’Observatoire 1 (lighting techniques).

Jean-François Lagneau, Chief architect for historic monuments, provides advice when listed areas of the library are concerned.


BnF remains the owner of Richelieu quadrilateral area. Numerous services of the library are deeply involved in the project: however, the OPPIC has privileged relationships with the following divisions: the « Richelieu project » staff and the Technical services department.

The Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA) and Ecole nationale des Chartes (ENC) use some of the areas that will be renovated.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016