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The France-Poland website is a bilingual (French-Polish) collaborative digital library gathering close to 1,000 remarkable documents, introduced d through four thematic sections. It is the result of the cooperation between the BnF and the National Library of Poland as well as four French institutions.

“This website presents a selection of documents relating to the consistency and diversity of the French-Polish relations over the centuries, a friendship marked by common interests and, despite the geographical distance, an equally mutual fascination.” Janusz Pezda, Lecturer at the Institute of History, Jagiellonian University, Krakow


Marie Curie, press photograph / Rol Agency, 1921, BnF, Department of Prints and Photography

The website France-Poland

The digital library France-Poland covers Franco-Polish relations from the Renaissance to the Second World War. The documentary selection was carried out by a high-level scientific team bringing together the curators of the BnF, the National Library of Poland and the partner libraries.

Upon opening in 2017, the website gathers a corpus of about 1,000 documents in the public domain. The selection of documents is very diverse: official acts, scholarly works, testimonies on daily life, customs, science and culture, printed books, manuscripts, but also maps, prints, photographs, podcasts and videos enrich these selections and give life to centuries of history.

Access to documents takes place through four main sections (Kings and Queens, Key moments, Science and Arts, Literature); themselves subdivided into sub-themes, which can present single documents or sets of remarkable documents. Within these sections, digital items are editorialized and contextualized thanks to articles written by specialists, researchers and library curators.

This website will be enriched gradually thanks to new contributions and partners.


Collection of plans, elevations and sections of the castles and gardens that the King of Poland occupies in Lorraine, by Mr. Heré, Bibliothèques de Nancy (Libraries of Nancy)

The project partners

The documents presented on the France-Poland digital library come from two national libraries and other partner institutions.

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