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A unique collection, at the heart of which is the history of France.

History - Compendia

May 1968 propaganda flyer

May 1968 propaganda flyer

The Library’s history compendia bring together free and short-lived materials such as propaganda flyers, leaflets, announcements, etc., from a wide range of fields.

These compendia are formed, in particular, by way of collection campaigns carried out by Library staff and readers. An example of a collection put together in this way is the collection of May 1968 propaganda flyers.

Available compendia include the following:

  • advertising materials (sales catalogs, brochures, etc.)
  • information materials (tourism brochures, leaflets, programs, etc.) 
  • political, religious, and other propaganda materials (propaganda flyers, posters, pamphlets, etc.) 
  • financial and administrative materials published by private companies (reports and articles of incorporation, circulars, rules of procedure, etc.) 
  • short-lived materials (official catalogs, programs, lists of exhibitors at shows, fairs, and universal exhibitions, calendars, almanacs, schedules, directories, etc.) 
  • technical materials (user guides, software manuals, device instructions, etc.)

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