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A unique collection, at the heart of which is the history of France.

History - Iconography

Femme du sans culotte. 1792

Femme du sans culotte. 1792

The Prints and Photographs Department, located at the Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu), offers essential resources for historical research, including the following:
  • the French history collections, from the origins of France to the present day: drawings and prints from the general collection and the Hennin [from the origins of France to 1830], De Vinck [1780-1870], and Smith-Lesouëf collections; works by photographers and press photography collections (the Monde and Caméra agencies, the “L’Aurore” newspaper collection, the Atlantic Press agency, etc.)
  • history collections mainly covering European countries, the United States of America, and the western world, but also countries around the world 
  • portraits: the general collection, the Clément, Lallemant de Betz, and Laruelle collections, etc., and the Documentation française collection on contemporary figures 
  • militaria: military uniforms, flags and banners, plans of fortresses, manuals for military manoeuvres, etc. 
  • topographical collections (the Gaignières, Lallement de Betz, and Destailleur collections); the Chauvet and Blondel collections focusing on the history of Paris, the Fleury collection dedicated to the Aisne département; and collections of postcards

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