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Ostrich. Oiseaux de la Ménagerie du Roi. Drawings.

Ostrich. Oiseaux de la Ménagerie du Roi. Drawings.

Collections of graphic materials based around the history of science and technology illustrate the development of science up to the early modern period and research into earlier technologies.

From the 18th century onwards, these collections have been organized around the following topics:

  • architecture and construction techniques
  • mathematics, geometry, and perspective 
  • physics and optics 
  • chemistry 
  • human anatomy, physiology, and pathology 
  • zoology, botany, mineralogy, geology, and meteorology
  • mechanics, aeronautics, astronautics, waterborne transport, and military engineering 
  • traditional and industrial techniques based around materials (wood, textiles, metal, glass, etc.) and trades
In particular, these collections bring together works such as the Encyclopedia of Diderot and d’Alembert and Buffon’s Natural History, works on botany and catalogs of plants, compendia on volcanoes, the Salomons collection dedicated to means of transport and locomotion, etc. They also include graphic materials on key events in science and technology: in particular, exploration and the universal exhibitions, as represented in prints, the illustrated press, scientific photography, etc.


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