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A young science, born in the 19th century, that studies the human phenomenon, its manifestations, and human interactions with the natural environment
Magdalenian ivory statuette, Brassempouy (after Piette)

Magdalenian ivory statuette, Brassempouy (after Piette)

The Library’s collections cover every field of study within the discipline. These include, in particular, the following:
  • the evolution of man and society
  • rock art 
  • prehistoric religions 
  • paleoenvironment
The available collections cover every region of the world from the paleolithic to the neolithic period, and some regions up to the protohistoric period (metal ages).

The Reference library offers a wide selection of materials, mainly in French: dictionaries, encyclopedias, introductory works, materials on the history of the discipline, and major publications by 20th century prehistorians: the Abbey Breuil, André Leroi-Gourhan, Emmanuel Anati, Jean Guilaine, Yves Coppens, etc.

A selection of themed materials cover the prehistory of French regions, and, to a lesser extent, Europe.

Generalist journals are available, most of which are in French: L’Anthropologie, Bulletin de la Société préhistorique française, Gallia préhistoire, Proceedings of the Prehistoric society, etc

The history of the discipline is particularly well represented within the Research library’s collections. These collections also cover methodology and the most up-to-date research by way of a selection of conference papers and themed materials.

As well as the full range of journals published in France, readers can consult leading specialized foreign journals such as Antiquity, the European Journal of Archaeology, and World Archaeology.

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