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  • Shared Heritages (Patrimoines partagés)

    Remarkable documents scattered among different countries and partner institutions of the BnF, are reunited through thematic websites as an invitation to discover a common heritage and history.

  • Europeana, Europe's cultural heritage online Europe's cultural heritage online with more than 53 million digital items (books, manuscripts, prints, photographs, audio tapes...) from 3 300 European institutions (libraries, archives, museums…).
  • Francophone Digital Library The printed collections from major documentary institutions of the Francophone Digital Network (RFN) for a geographical and thematic journey through the diversity of Francophone cultures.
  • World Digital Library | WDL Several thousand documents, testimonies to the world cultural heritage from 5 continents and in 7 languages.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

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