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Ottoman Newspapers in French

Image du portail Presse ottomane en français
Through a partnership between the BnF, SALT and the French Institute for Anatolian Studies (IFEA), this program brings together the newspapers in French published in the Ottoman Empire conserved in the collections of the Atatürk Municipal Library in Istanbul, of the BnF and IFEA as well.

This portal will be avaible in 2016.


Visuel du portail France-Pologne
The National Libraries of France and Poland have joined together to digitize a corpus dédicated to Franco-Polish relations from the Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century.

The portal will be available in 2016.


Visuel du portail France-Russie
The State Library of Moscow and the National Library of France are jointly digitizing a corpus dedicated to the legendary Trans-Siberian railway sung by adventurers and poets; assistance from French loans and the International Sleeping-Car Company played a leading role in building the railroad.

The portal will be available in 2017.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016