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Tools needed by students, research workers and practitioners of French and foreign law.

Law books and printed journals

Almost all legal documentation can be found at the François Mitterrand Library (Site François-Mitterrand).

The Reference library essentially offers the most up-to-date documentation on French law: encyclopedias, treatises, handbooks, essays, collections of laws, case law, and doctrine, and 180 loose-leaf publications, such as the Juris-classeur and Dalloz encyclopedia print collections. This documentation forms an essential legal research and update tool for legal specialists. It includes more than 300 journals (the vast majority of which are in French), with a collection of back issues that varies from title to title.

Readers also have access to a large collection on international and European Community law.

In terms of foreign law, original language encyclopedias and monographs provide a general approach to understanding the full range of different legal cultures.

The Research library’s collections, which include virtually all French publications as a result of the legal deposit scheme, cover all areas of law.

The Research library’s open-access materials and journals are more specialized than those held by the Reference library, and are organized from a comparative perspective. They provide an overview of foreign law, mainly covering European and OECD countries. In particular, Spanish, German, and Italian law and that of English-speaking countries is widely represented. The collections of journals include around 300 foreign titles.


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