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History and current events in economic life and theory
Calculating machine by Maurel and Jayet, L’Illustration, 1849 

Calculating machine by Maurel and Jayet, L’Illustration, 1849

The vast majority of the economics collections are held at the François Mitterrand Library (Site François-Mitterrand).

The Reference library has economics books and journals mainly covering the following:

  • economic and social conditions
  • global economic developments
  • the financial and international economy
  • management and accounting.

As well as the key texts on economic thinking, they also include recent material: current events, study, and research documents.

The Research library’s open-access collections place the emphasis on the following:

  • current research problems
  • the history of economic thinking
  • the history of banking and money
  • the history of business.

Closed-stack documents include all French output. Collections of foreign material are fairly representative of output, except for the period between 1940 and 1995, when the Library was subject to budget restrictions.

The collections held by the Reference and Research libraries are mainly in French or English, as well as, to a lesser extent, German, Spanish and Italian. They provide information on the entire world outside of France. The emphasis is on European and OECD countries.

Other world regions are mainly the subject of materials covering more than one country or, where they relate to a single country, covering a long period.

Digital resources, which are particularly abundant in this field, provide reading room access to the following:

  • data on economic activity, sectors, and businesses (e.g. Chelem, Orbis, etc.)
  • references to articles on a topic, and sometimes the full text of such articles (e.g. Business Reference Suite, Business Source Premier, Delphes, and Econlit)

The 'Europe' portal

Portail Europe
The 'Europe' portal is the online medium dedicated to collections about EU available in Room D. It proposes a selection of resources about current EU political, economic and institutional affairs. For each topic, websites, digital documents or videos go with reading suggestions. A 'Debates' page offers a critical approach concerning major European issues.

To be noted

In the field of economic history, the Enfantin collection at the Arsenal Library (Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal) holds information on Prosper Enfantin and Saint-Simonism.

Enfantin, chef suprême de la religion saint-simonienne. Henri Grévedon, 1832
Fonds Enfantin ou fonds saint-simonien
Manuscrits, documents imprimés et objets retraçant l'histoire du saint-simonisme, célèbre mouvement pré-socialiste

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