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Political science

The source and theory of politics 
Political poster, 1885

Political poster, 1885

The political science collections can be accessed at the François Mitterrand Library (Site François-Mitterrand).

Both the Reference and Research libraries hold recent collections, most of which are open access and contain many English language documents.

The collections draw on a wide range of paper and electronic versions of specialist journals. Both references to articles from these journals and the full text of articles can be found in bibliographical databases available for on-site consultation.

Journals and other material cover the full range of topics within the discipline:

  • the history of political ideas
  • political and administrative institutions 
  • public policy 
  • the political situation 
  • international relations since 1945 
  • political sociology (parties, elections, trade unions, etc.) 
  • defense strategy and policy
The collection is supplemented by multimedia collections containing audiovisual materials such as recordings of speeches given by politicians, sound and video recordings produced by political parties, etc., as well as access to radio and television archives, in partnership with the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA), in room P.

Political science research sources are also enhanced by contact with related disciplines such as history, sociology, and law. The Research library’s closed-stack collections also include the following:

  • the full range of works by political thinkers from ancient times onwards, such as Xenophon, Thomas More, Tocqueville, Marx, John Rawls, etc.
  • both the general news press and the militant press (La Cause du peuple, Syndicalisme CFDT, La Voix des cheminots, etc.) 
  • collections of propaganda flyers and posters 
  • publications from militant sources (trade union papers, etc.)

The 'Europe' portal at BnF

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The 'Europe' portal is the online medium dedicated to collections about EU available in Room D. It proposes a selection of resources about current EU political, economic and institutional affairs. For each topic, websites, digital documents or videos go with reading suggestions. A 'Debates' page offers a critical approach concerning major European issues.
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To be noted

In the field of economic history, the Enfantin collection at the Arsenal Library (Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal) holds information on Prosper Enfantin and Saint-Simonism.

Enfantin, chef suprême de la religion saint-simonienne. Henri Grévedon, 1832
Fonds Enfantin ou fonds saint-simonien
Manuscrits, documents imprimés et objets retraçant l'histoire du saint-simonisme, célèbre mouvement pré-socialiste

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