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Classical literature (Greek and Latin)

The library’s printed collections of Greek and Latin literature are split between the François Mitterand Library (Site François-Mitterrand), the Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu), and the Arsenal Library (Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal).
Terence des Ducs, 1410-1412. Scene from Heauton Timorumenos, Act V, Scene 5 

Terence des Ducs, 1410-1412. Scene from Heauton Timorumenos, Act V, Scene 5

Latin literature covers the period from the foundation of Rome (-753) to the fall of the Western Roman Empire (476). Middle Age Latin literature and “neo-Latin” literature can be found with the corresponding national literature. For example, Petrarch’s Latin works are categorized with Italian literature.

Greek literature extends from Homer to the end of the Byzantine period (1453).

At the François Mitterrand Library, room H of the Reference library holds works by the full range of Greek and Latin authors (both original texts and French or English translations), with the emphasis on major authors.

The Research library has material on developments in the study of classical literature not only in French, but also in Italian, British and American English, and German. Its collections include a large number of proceedings from learned societies.

Original editions of incunabula and humanist editions of classical texts can be found more specifically in the Rare Books Reserve (Réserve des livres rares) and at the Arsenal Library (Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal).

The Manuscripts Department at the Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu) holds, in particular, a large number of Greek and Latin manuscripts used as the basis for publishing classical authors.

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