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French-speaking literature

One of BnF’s treasures: its French-speaking literature collections
Le Centre de Ressources Francophonie en salle H

Le Centre de Ressources Francophonie en salle H

The BnF maintains solidarity and partnership relationships with French-speaking countries. This collaboration makes it possible to widely collect the varied and lively literary production of these countries.

The French-speaking literature, also called “French language literature”, corresponds to ten geographical areas : sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Asia / Pacific, Caribbean islands, Maghreb, Indian Ocean, Near East, Switzerland, Belgium / Luxembourg and other European countries.

In the Reference library (reading room H) and the Research library (room V), general works (anthologies, dictionaries), literary works (novels, poetry, theatre) sorted by author and critical studies are available to readers. The most famous authors are represented : Léopold Sédar Senghor, Michel Tremblay, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, Aimé Césaire, Driss Chraïbi… Young authors who issued publications in the course of the year or the year before are also widely represented. They inspire dynamism in French-speaking literature.

The collection gathers 5000 works available in Room H and 3000 works available in Room V.

A large number of other documents can also be consulted on request : documents dating back to the early 20th century until today, rare editions, critical studies in foreign languages, works of fiction.

The BnF French-speaking portal

Portail Francophonie
The French-speaking portal presents cultural events and news connected to the French-speaking community. It provides access to a selection of information sources in the field of French language and French-speaking literature : major institutions and associations, books and magazines, websites and blogs... These selections also focus on an author, a personality, a festival, in each geographical area.

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