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Literature - Iconography

Portrait of Charles Baudelaire by Nadar (1820-1910)

Portrait of Charles Baudelaire by Nadar (1820-1910)

The Prints and Photographs Department holds a large number of illustrated editions of literary texts, as well as major collections of graphic materials relating to literature:
  • portraits of writers: Stéphane Mallarmé by Paul Gauguin, Charles Baudelaire photographed by Nadar, etc.
  • representations of writers’ residences 
  • portraits of real and fictional characters, mythological and allegorical figures, etc. 
  • compendia of illustrations produced for illustrated editions of literary texts (e.g. Goethe’s Faust illustrated by Eugène Delacroix) 
  • graphical works inspired by texts (e.g. Ovid’s Metamorphoses by Pablo Picasso)

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