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In addition to its catalogs, BnF offers a unique collection of bibliographies published both in France and around the world. This collection is systematically monitored. It aims to be as representative as possible, both of the typological diversity of research tools and of the encyclopedic nature of the Library’s collections.

Whether they cover one or more types of material (manuscripts, books, periodical articles, theses, films, records, web sites, etc.), whether their scope be national, regional, linguistic, chronological, or thematic, whether they be retrospective or current, and whether they be in printed or digital form, these bibliographies can be used to identify reference documents as well as relatively unknown or even forgotten materials, be they ancient or at the cutting edge of research.

They are therefore a helpful addition to any search for information, both for readers who are just beginning their research and for those studying a subject in greater depth.

At both the François Mitterrand Library (Site François-Mitterrand) and the Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu), the Bibliographic Research Department holds the largest open-access collection of general and specialized bibliographies, making it suitable for research that cuts across more than one discipline.

In addition, all of the Library’s reading rooms hold open-access bibliographies corresponding to the disciplines covered by the various departments.

To be noted

The Bibliothèque nationale de France publishes an online version of the French National Bibliography, including a complete collection from its origins (1811) to the end of its publication in printed form (2000), available on an open access basis in room X. BnF also helps compile a large number of specialized bibliographies.

Friday, December 16, 2016