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Images and games for young people

La leçon de lecture. Le Bon Marché

La leçon de lecture. Le Bon Marché

The Prints and Photographs Department holds all images relating to young people from the 1880s onwards:
  • albums: illustrated albums, coloring books, fabric albums, Mickey Mouse albums, moving and zipper-pull case-bindings and albums, etc.
  • the earliest comic strips: (Bécassine, Les albums de Gédéon by Benjamin Rabier, the earliest editions of Tintin, etc.) 
  • games: playing cards, magic lanterns, the “goose game” (similar to snakes and ladders), cardboard dolls and figures to cut out, etc. 
  • spelling books, decals, manuals for teaching drawing, etc.
The department stopped receiving illustrated children’s books and comic strips under the legal deposit scheme in the 1980s; these are now received at the François Mitterrand Library (Site François-Mitterrand) in the Art and Literature Department. Worthy of mention, however, are a few books donated by artists, such as Cendrillon by Warja Lavater, and a few foreign books donated by their authors.

The Prints and Photographs Department, which specializes in images, continues to collect games, playing cards, case-bindings, decals, sticker images, illustrated books with no text, etc.

Friday, May 15, 2015

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