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Mathematics and computer science

Computer science

The Library’s computer science collections reflect the major fields within the discipline:

  • systems theory
  • hardware and software configuration
  • the Internet
  • programming
  • IT security
  • artificial intelligence
  • multimedia

The Reference library offers introductory works (e.g. Introduction à la théorie des langages de programmation by Gilles Dowek and Jean-Jacques Lévy), reference works (e.g. The Art of Computer Programming by Donald E. Knuth), and manuals on languages, operating systems, and software.

The Research library’s collection focuses more specifically on theoretical computer science. It includes reference works (e.g. An Introduction to Quantum Computing Algorithms by Arthur O. Pittenger) and more in-depth material (e.g. Neural Networks: a Comprehensive Foundation by Simon Haykin), as well as conference papers (e.g. CRYPTO).

These collections are rounded out by both generalist journals (e.g. 01 informatique) and specialized journals (e.g. Journal of Logic and Computation), available in both the Reference and Research libraries.

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