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Evariste Galois (1811-1832), Œuvres mathématiques, 1897

Evariste Galois (1811-1832), Œuvres mathématiques, 1897

The Library’s mathematics collections reflect the major fields within the discipline:

  • logic
  • algebra and number theory
  • topology
  • analysis
  • geometry
  • probability and applied mathematics.

The Reference library offers introductory and reference works (e.g. Eléments de mathématique by Nicolas Bourbaki), tuition material, and textbooks. It also includes works on didactics (e.g. Jacques Colombe’s Articulation école-collège en mathématiques) and mathematical games (e.g. Mathematical Recreations and Problems of Past and Present Times by W. W. Rouse Ball), as well as compendia of works by contemporary mathematicians.

The Research library has material aimed at professional mathematicians and doctoral students covering all areas of research. For example, works include the Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Science and Cohomology of Number Fields by J. Neukirch, A. Schmidt, and K. Wingberg. It also has a collection of conference papers.

These collections are rounded out by both generalist journals (e.g. Quadrature) and specialized journals (e.g. Inventiones mathematicae), available in both the Reference and Research libraries.

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