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From the teaching kit to the USB flash drive: an encyclopedic collection on a variety of media


Edutainment, which aims to educate through play, is divided into the following:
  • materials for early and kindergarten-level learning (e.g. Lapin malin. Maternelle and Hachette Multimédia’s Atout p'tit clic collection for the very young)
  • materials in support of primary and secondary education by subject: French, mathematics, English, etc. (e.g. the Adi and Adibou ranges created by French studio Coktel)
Entertainment and learning thus come together to resemble video games (e.g. L'Oricou : enquête à Paris sous Napoléon and C'est pas sorcier : menace sur le volcan Tamakou) and develop into educational video games. The desired learning becomes a way of moving through the game; the Carmen Sandiego games are the oldest titles designed using this model.

The multimedia collection also includes a large number of multimedia publications for young people: fairy tales, nursery rhymes, musical tales, and documentaries covering every field.

Friday, December 16, 2016

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