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Video games

Several thousand video game titles are available for consultation in room P. The library’s collections include every medium that has marked the history of computing, from cartridges for Nintendo consoles to Blu-ray discs for the PlayStation 3, not forgetting diskettes and CD-ROMS for PCs and Macintosh computers.

All types of games are included: action and arcade (e.g. Doom), adventure and role play (e.g. Myst), thinking games (e.g. chess), strategy and management (Civilization, L’Entraîneur, etc.), and simulations (e.g. Pro Evolution Soccer and The Sims).

Some games make use of unusual interfaces, such as dance mats and controls shaped like musical instruments (e.g. a guitar or bongos). Others demonstrate the increasing role of video games in the leisure industry, including the very large number of video game adaptations of films and comic strips (Star Wars, The Godfather, etc.).

Friday, December 16, 2016

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