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BnF archives et manuscrits

The catalogue BnF archives et manuscrits contains the descriptions for manuscripts, drawings and archives collections on various media (audiovisual media for instance) housed at the following departments: Manuscripts Department, Performing Arts Department, Department of Coins, Medals and Antiques (Richelieu Library), Audiovisual Department (François-Mitterrand Library), Arsenal Library. It also contains descriptions for BnF administrative records since the 17th century.
Manuscripts department:
  • Whole collection of manuscripts and archives.
Performing Arts department:
  • Collections belonging to personalities (authors, stage directors, actors, stage designers, wardrobe masters…), to collectors or institutions (companies, theaters…), to the theatre world, collections of manuscripts (Auguste Rondel collection, series of contemporary plays, critical texts, correspondence).
Audiovisuel Departement:
  • Founding sound collections of the Department (Archives de la Parole, Musée de la Parole et du geste, Phonothèque nationale) but also ethnomusicology, linguistics, sociology collections deposited by institutions and collectors.
  • The « Charles Cros » collection of recording machines and sound and image restitution devices.
Music Department:
  • Collections of musical archives (catalogue being prepared).
Department of Coins, Medals and Antiques:
  • Compendia of plates and drawings.
  • Handwritten catalogues.
Arsenal Library:
  • All manuscripts housed at the library.
BnF administrative archives
Archival collections belonging to the following institutions:
  • Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF).
  • Établissement public pour la Bibliothèque de France (EPBF).
  • Bibliothèque nationale (BN) since the 17th century (Royale and Imperial Library).
  • Réunion des Bibliothèques nationales.
  • Arsenal Library.
  • La Joie par les livres Association.
  • Architects linked to the premises of the Bibliothèque nationale.
Collections belonging to partner institutions:
  • Documents housed at other libraries which collections are available in Gallica (Europeana Regia project, Gallica white label…).
Other catalogues listing BnF manuscripts are available online:
  • Printed catalogues of manuscripts can be partly consulted in digitized form.
  • Modern manuscripts and archival documents concerning performing arts and music are partly listed in the catalogue général de la BnF.

Friday, September 2, 2016