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BnF archives et manuscrits

BnF’s archives et manuscrits catalog contains the references for some of the manuscripts and archive collections held by the Manuscripts and Performing Arts departments (at the Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu)) and all manuscripts held by the Arsenal Library (Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal).

For the Manuscripts department:

  • some of the French manuscripts (new French acquisitions)
  • some of the Latin manuscripts (new Latin acquisitions)
  • some of the Greek manuscripts (new Greek acquisitions)
  • some of the Arabic and Hebrew manuscripts
  • some of the Chinese manuscripts in the Pelliot collection, as well as Sanskrit and African language manuscripts

These references are a result of current cataloguing work and retrospective conversion of existing catalogs.

For the Performing Arts department:

  • part of the archive collections built up by personalities and institutions from the performing arts world
  • some of the manuscripts on performing arts (drama, criticism and correspondence)

For the Arsenal Library:

All manuscripts held by the Arsenal Library are described in this catalog.

There are other online catalogs listing BnF manuscripts:

  • Some catalogs of published manuscripts can be consulted in digital form.
  • Some modern manuscripts and archive documents on performing arts and music are referenced in BnF’s catalogue général.
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