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BnF catalogue général

The catalogue général de la BnF, online catalog contains records for most of the documents kept at all BnF sites.


It currently contains records for:

  • books and periodicals stored on open and closed shelves,
  • sound recordings (78-rpm records, LPs, compact disks, and audio cassettes), videos (video cassettes and videodiscs), multimedia, and electronic materials stored on physical media (CD- and DVD-ROMs, video games),
  • part of the modern manuscripts and archival documents (pamphlets, programs, scenarii, newspaper clippings, typescripts, correspondence, autograph letters…) relating to performing arts and music (theatre, cinema, opera, ballet…) (Richelieu-Louvois and Opéra Libraries)
  • graphic documents: engravings, photographs, posters…
  • part of the cartographic documents (atlases, maps, plans, globes…)
  • part of the objects: engraved copper-plates and wood-blocks, lithographic stones, cloth…,
  • part of the printed and manuscript music scores,
  • part of the coins,
  • documents digitized by BnF,
  • part of microfiches and microfilms,
  • part of electronic periodicals of which BnF also has a printed version.

It does not currently have records for:

  • most of the manuscripts and archival holdings. The BnF archives et manuscrits online catalogue contains records of a part of manuscripts and archival holdings. Some of the catalogues of manuscripts have been digitized.
  • medals and antiques ; some of them are listed in the Catalog of medals and antiques
  • most works printed in non-Latin characters for which bibliographic records have not been transliterated into the Latin alphabet (the @ sign in a bibliographic record generally indicates the presence of non-Latin characters, currently unreadable) and which are listed in catalogs that have been digitised,
  • part of microfilm and microfiche holdings (including theses),
  • CD-ROMs and online databases BnF subscribes to, available in the reading rooms,
  • most of the online periodicals available in the reading rooms.

To be noted

Some of BnF collections are not listed in online catalogs.

Friday, February 10, 2017

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