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BP16 database, containing 16th c. works published in Paris

BP16 database contains the records from the Bibliographie des éditions parisiennes du 16e siècle compiled from the manuscripts of Philippe Renouard's collection (the current version of BP16 database covers the years 1501-1540).

The search can be made:
  • by words of the bibliographical note and / or by publishing date
  • leafing through indexes: authors, works, printers-booksellers, publishing dates
Written from Philippe Renouard's manuscripts donated to the Bibliothèque nationale in 1952, this bibliography (from 1501 to 1540)  is now available online; the collections of the following period (1541-1550) will be downloaded in the near future.

For each publication, all copies available in French and foreign libraries are mentioned.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014