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Books and manuscripts in oriental languages, books on the Orient, and oriental images.

Orient and eastern collections: images

Synopsis of the Talmud. Milan (Italy), 1480. 

Synopsis of the Talmud. Milan (Italy), 1480.

The Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu) holds a large collection of graphical works produced in the Orient, such as the following:
  • illustrated books brought back from China in the 18th century by Jesuits and collectors like Henri-Léonard-Jean-Baptiste Bertin, a director of the French East India Company and member of the Academy of Science
  • compendia of Persian miniatures and Indian paintings 
  • a collection of Japanese prints by Hokusaï, Utamaro, Hiroshige, and other artists put together by the collectors Duret, Bing, Lieure, etc., and unique in the world 
  • works by explorers: drawings from the Egyptian Expedition, photographs of Japan by Felice Beato, photographs of China by Thomas Child, etc.
These image collections also include orientalist works such as Georges-Louis Lerouge’s 18th century Anglo-Chinese gardens, and a large collection of pieces in Chinese and Turkish styles, etc.
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Mandragore , the Manuscripts Department’s database of iconographic materials

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