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From the foundation of psychology to the diversity of current research and practice
Jean Piaget. Photograph by Louis Monnier, 1977

Jean Piaget. Photograph by Louis Monnier, 1977

The Library’s psychology collections are grouped together at the François Mitterrand Library (Site François-Mitterrand). Open-access materials are split between the Philosophy, History and Humanities Department and the Science and Technology Department reading rooms.

The main topics covered by the Philosophy, History and Humanities Department’s open-access collections are as follows:

  • the theory and history of psychology
  • critical works and works by leading psychologists: Jean Piaget, Pierre Janet, Wilhelm Wundt, etc
  • tests 
  • states of consciousness 
  • differential and developmental psychology 
  • social psychology and psychology as applied to work, disability, etc.

The Science and Technology Department offers open-access collections focusing on the following areas:

  • cognitive psychology
  • behavioral neuropsychology and psychophysiology 
  • genetic and comparative psychology 
  • psychology as applied to scientific and technical fields 
  • mathematical and statistical analysis as applied to psychology
The Reference library holds introductory works, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reference tools for students, such as textbooks. It also holds a very large number of studies on developmental psychology, focusing in particular on children. Available journals include l’Année psychologique and le Journal des psychologues.

The Research library attaches greater importance to studies and journals in foreign languages. It also includes historical works by French psychologists.
Also available are directories, summary works, and fundamental texts in contemporary research. The Research library’s collections also include interdisciplinary works as well as generalist and specialized scientific journals within the discipline, such as Journals of Experimental Psychology and Psychological Reports.

The heritage collections include the bulk of materials on the French school of psychology (child psychology, psychopathology, and the influence of psychoanalysis). The American and German schools are also well represented.

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