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Religion: audiovisual material

Confessional movements very quickly understood the benefits of audiovisual media for spreading and publicizing their ideals. This output is reflected in the Library’s collections obtained under the legal deposit scheme for sound recordings, videograms, and multimedia materials.

The production of audiovisual materials linked to Islam, initiated by the Socio-Cultural Center at the Rue de Tanger in 1995 (with the participation of Roger Garaudy and Tariq Ramadan in particular), has grown considerably in France. From publications by Tawhid (Cheikh Abdallah Basfar, Hassan Iquioussen, etc.) to the National League of French Muslims (Ligue nationale des musulmans de France), the various streams of Islam in France are presented through materials obtained under the legal deposit scheme.

In another area, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are probably one of the most prolific publishers in the field, with more than 300 documents deposited.
Many of the 2,000 items of video material covering religion relate to the lives and messages of major religious figures (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Darshan, Sheikh Sharifou, Lama Guendune Rinpoché, etc.). Others consist of historical summaries or cover controversial subjects, in the form of documentaries or conferences (on ecology, marriage, circumcision, etc.).

In the age of the Internet and satellite television, the production of audiovisual materials on religion, having grown significantly, has reached a turning point in its history.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014