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You can place your orders directly through the catalogue général de la BnF and Gallica digital library. Once you have selected the document, the « Acheter une reproduction» (Buy a reproduction) functionality allows to create a shopping cart or to ask for an estimate if a research is required before the document’s reproduction.

Please note that: to finalize your order, the creation of a personal account (Espace personnel BnF) is required. The manufacture of the product is launched after payment but requires prior approval from the Director of the Department housing the collection. In this personal account, “Mes achats” section offers the possibility to pay your orders online, to be informed of your orders’ status, to consult your invoices and download your reproductions in digital format.

For documents unavailable online, please see:

Ask for an estimate

To be noted

The printed documents of the Catalogue Général that have already been digitised are available via Gallica. These documents can be downloaded for free. You can also contact one of the BnF partners and order a printed copy of these documents using the function “Acheter une reproduction” (Buy a reproduction). This service is not proposed by the Reproduction Department.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


General terms and conditions of sale of the Reproduction Department [file .pdf – 69 Ko – 15/04/23 – 5 p.]

General terms of use of the commercial use licence [file .pdf – 31 Ko – 16/08/26 – 1 p.]