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Reproduction services

The BnF offers commercial digitization and print services of documents held in the library’s collections: books, manuscripts, scores, photographs, prints, maps, posters, coins and art objects… The Reproduction Department is also entrusted with the commercial use of BnF documents. The commercial use of documents is charged as a use fee for the library’s benefit.

Go behind the scenes of the BnF by following a reproduction order on video.

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For every order, it is necessary to distinguish the purchase of reproductions (technical costs) from the use of reproduced documents which requires, when it is commercial, an authorization and the payment of a use fee, invoiced and paid apart from the purchase of images. Is considered as commercial : any use of documents held by the BnF, in the public domain or not, in a sold publication (nonprofit, academic and scientific publications included), an exhibition, an audiovisual production, in any paying product or service, even paid by a third party, on a medium used for promotional or commercial purposes.

Note: non-commercial use of documents is open and free of charge, with maintenance of the source of the document: BnF or Bibliothèque nationale de France.

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Monday, February 19, 2018