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Order a reproduction with commercial use

Images order at the BnF: technical costs and commercial use fee

It is necessary to distinguish the reproduction works (technical costs payable to the order) from the commercial use fee invoiced and paid separately, after declaration of the use or after publication of your project.

To be noted

this section mainly refers to the orders of « images » products because they are the most reused in a commercial context, but any type of reproduction might also be concerned.
To consult details of different products, please see:

How to order images at the BnF?

Already digitized images

On our bases available online, images that are already digitized, quickly delivered via the BnF personal space.

On Gallica (over a million iconographic documents: photographs, prints, maps and plans, posters, illuminations, press front pages…): online purchase of a high resolution image thanks to the “shopping card” icon – delivery in 30 minutes.

On the Picture Collection (Banque d'images): online purchase on estimate – delivery within 24 to 48 hours.

On Mandragore (iconographic database of the Manuscripts department): purchase on estimate.

Non digitized images

Non digitized images can be found in the records of the Catalogue général.

You can also order images by using the estimate request or send an email to especially if you want to order a large number of images.

How to declare a commercial use?

The use of images, in the public domain or not, in a sold publication (nonprofit, academic and scientific publications included), an exhibition, an audiovisual production, in any paying product or service, even paid by a third party, on a medium used for promotional or commercial purposes, is subject to the payment of a use fee.

To declare the commercial use of ordered images, a question about your use and a form will be presented to you at the end of your purchase order (when you buy your image(s) on estimate or online).

Useful trick

Use this declaration of commercial use form without confirming it, it will calculate the amount of your use fee according to your choices. (For the English version, click on “English” on the top right of the screen).

Plan your budget

Fees for buying a HR image and its commercial use (without specific discounts)

Technical costs are 25€ for a HR image and 50€ for a Premium image..

Discounts on the “use fee” part are applied according to the total number of images used in the same project:

  • from 10 to 19 images : -10%
  • from 20 to 29 images : -20%
  • from 30 images : negotiated fee

An increase is applied on the fee when there is a distribution of the project in several countries: +50%

NB: if you already have images, you will only have to pay the use fee part.

Book, Press and periodical (electronic version included)
Location Fee ex. VAT
(Technical charges + use fee)
Inside page 25 € + 60 €
Vignette (smaller than 1/8 page) 25 € + 30 €
Cover 25 € + 180 €
- 80 % for academic publications
Web and mobile application
Fee ex. VAT
(Technical charges + use fee)
Content presented on any web or mobile devices 25 € + 60 €
Audiovisual (multidiffusion)
Fee ex. VAT
(Technical charges + use fee)
TV (Catch-up-VOD-DVD included) 25 € + 75 €
Webdocumentary (DVD-VOD included) 25 € + 75 €
VOD-DVD-CD only 25 € + 75 €
Cinema (All media included) 25 € + 150 €
Fee ex. VAT
(Technical charges + use fee)
All content presented presented on exhibition stands, except for catalogues and by-products 25 € + 100 €
Advertising, communication
Fee ex. VAT
(Technical charges + use fee)
All content presented on any communication media Negotiated fee depending on the project economy
By-products and decoration
Fee ex. VAT
(Technical charges + use fee)
Posters, postcards, calendars, card games, stamps, stationary, packaging, objects, decoration materials… Negotiated percentage on the amount of sales depending on the project economy
Facsimiles editions and full reproduction
Fee ex. VAT
(Technical charges + use fee)
Full reproduction of a document: publishing or republishing identically, full rematerialization and print on demand, e-book, website... Negotiated percentage on the amount of sales depending on the project economy

Thursday, May 31, 2018