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Fees and process for the use of documents

The use of a BnF document in any publication, product or paying service, advertising or commercial media is subject to the payment of a fee, in addition to and independently of potential reproduction works of documents. The reuse of documents falls in the framework of the law n°78-753 of July 17. 1978 (articles 15 and 16).

The use authorization in PDF format, filled-out and signed, must be sent by postal mail or e-mail at the address mentioned in the document.

  • Commercial use licence [file .pdf – 25 Ko – 15/04/23 – 2 p.]
  • If you cannot open the document, right click on the link and choose "Save Target [Link] As ..." Then, choose where to save the document on your hard disk, and click "Save."

On receipt of the completed commercial use licence, an authorization to publish will be delivered by the Reproduction Department.

The use fee is calculated according to the following price lists as soon as a complimentary copy of the publication is sent to the Department. The invoice is immediately payable.

More information at:

Commercial use fees

Detailed prices below are set per image unless otherwise stated.

Discounts are applied depending on the total number of images used in the same project:

  • from 10 to 19: -10%
  • from 20 to 29: -20%
  • from 30: negotiated fee

An increase is applied in case of a distribution in several countries: +50%

Book, Press and periodical (except facsimile editions)
Location Fee ex. VAT
Inside page 60 €
Vignette (smaller than 1/8 page) 30 €
Cover 180 €

- 80 % for academic publications

Web and mobile application
Fee ex. VAT
Content presented on any web or mobile devices 60 €
Fee ex. VAT
Television 150 €
DVD-VOD-CD 150 €
Cinema 150 €

- 50 % on the additional medium (example: Television + DVD-VOD-CD = 150 € + 75 €)

Fee ex. VAT
All content presented on exhibition stands, except catalogue and by-products 100 €
Communication and advertising
Fee ex. VAT
All content presented on any communication media 600 €
By-products and decoration
Posters, postcards, calendars, card games, stamps, stationary, packaging, objects, decoration materials… Negotiated percentage on the amount of sales depending on the project economy
Facsimiles editions and full reproduction
Full reproduction of a document: publishing or republishing identically, full rematerialization and print on demand, e-book, website... Negotiated percentage on the amount of sales depending on the project economy

The minimum amount to be applied for all license fee invoices is set at 6 euros excluding Tax.

Thursday, April 23, 2015