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Reservation of seats and documents

Reservation terms at François-Mitterrand, Richelieu, Louvois, Opera Libraries.
This service is open to the research libraries' readers. 
To be noted

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Until further notice:

  • Please bring a valid proof of identity to enter the library
  • The West entrance of François-Mitterrand library is closed
  • Only “cabin” baggages (55cm × 35cm × 25cm) are allowed within the BnF premises.
The public must stop at the cloakrooms before entering the reading rooms located at the Richelieu Library. Luggage lockers are available just near the entrance hall (please bring a one or two euro coin).

To be noted

The BnF documents cannot be borrowed and are consulted on site.

Reservation of documents - Richelieu, Louvois, Opera Libraries

From 13 March 2017

The online reservation service concerning documents is now open to the collections of Richelieu, Louvois and Opera Libraries for the Department of Coins, Medals and Antiques and the Music Department. It concerns the documents listed in the Catalogue général.
It will be progressively extended to documents from other departments (Maps and Plans, Prints and Photography, Performing Arts, Manuscripts and Arsenal Library) but also to the collections listed in the BnF archives et manuscrits catalogue.

Departement of Coins, Medals and Antiques; Music Department - Opera Library

It is now possible to reserve online the printed collections (books and periodicals) from the Department of Coins, Medals and Antiques and from the Music Department - Opera Library listed in the Catalogue général.

Frequently Asked Questions about the online reservation terms concerning documents

What are the reservation conditions at Richelieu, Louvois and Opera Libraries?

The conditions are the same as they are at François-Mitterrand Library: users need to have a valid research pass.

How to reserve documents?

Two options:
  • Via the feature 'Reserve a document thanks to its call number' in the personal space
  • Via the button 'Reserve a document » in the Catalogue général

How to consult the reserved documents?

The documents can be consulted in the reading rooms of the departments mentioned at the reservation moment. The seat reservation is made by staff members at the welcome desk of the reading room.

How to know if the reserved document will be really delivered?

Answers to online reservations arrive directly in the personal space.

How to obtain references of collections that are not accessible via the online reservation service?

Most of the collections housed at Richelieu, Louvois and Opera Libraries are listed in the BnF archives et manuscrits catalogue. However the collections are not all listed in the online catalogues. It is consequently essential to complement one's search in the reading rooms.

How many documents is it possible to reserve?

A maximum of 10 documents can be reserved each day.

Is it possible to have some documents set aside?

The reader needs to renew his / her online reservation if he / she wishes a document to be set aside.

Is the number of reservations limited?

It is possible to make reservations up to 30 days in advance.

Can I consult all my reservations via my personal space?

It is possible to access one's reservation list via the feature « Réservations sites Richelieu et Opéra », or via the feature « Réservations site François-Mitterrand »; however it is not possible to consult the list of reservations made among the collections of different research libraries.

Manuscripts and Performing Arts departments

You can prepare for your visit to the Manuscripts or Performing Arts departments by reserving your documents at least 48 hours in advance. To make a reservation, you must hold a valid reader pass that includes access to the Research library.

Demande de réservation de documents (Manuscripts department or Performing arts department)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017