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The “Cotopaxi” volcano. Arnold Boscowitz

The “Cotopaxi” volcano. Arnold Boscowitz

The Reference library has an open-access collection of around 3,000 books, 1,300 geological maps, and 20 journals, mainly in French, aimed at students and those interested in the discipline. All aspects of the earth sciences are represented; some fields covered by the collection, such as the environment, climate change, and the future of natural energy resources, are currently seeing increased growth.

The Research library holds open-access materials aimed at researchers, professionals, and doctoral students: 5,600 books and 90 journals, mainly in English, and 1,500 French and foreign geological maps. These cover the same fields as those covered in the Reference library.

The Library’s closed-stack collections include the works of great French naturalists as well as texts by leading foreign authors. They also include books published by major research institutions such as the National Museum of Natural History (Museum national d’histoire naturelle), the Bureau for Geological and Mining Research (Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières), and learned societies such as the French Geological Society (Société géologique de France). Closed-stack collections also include publications by scientific universities and major public institutions (e.g. Météo France and the French Oil Institute (Institut français du pétrole)), as well as a large number of theses.

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