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From the works of the founding fathers to the diversity of contemporary social sciences: history and current developments in sociology.


Demography is a discipline that lies at the intersection of sociology, geography, history, economics, and political science.
It is represented by general and methodological works, historical texts and surveys, bibliographies, dictionaries, and encyclopedias held by the Reference and Research libraries in the Philosophy, History and Humanities Department. Also available are sociological studies on demographic growth and migrations, as well as a large amount of statistical data by country.

The Law, Economics and Politics Department holds studies on economic demography, including in particular publications by the National Institute for Demographic Studies (Institut national d’études démographiques/INED).

Multimedia materials held by the Audiovisual Department in the Research library include many publications by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research (Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques/INSEE), the National Center for Educational Documentation (Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique/CNDP), and other bodies, including, for example, studies on foreign populations. 

Valuable works held by the Library in this discipline include the only known copy of Abbey Jean-Joseph Expilly’s Tableau de la population de la France (1780), the result of the first demographic survey to be carried out in the kingdom, available in the Rare Books Reserve (Réserve des livres rares).

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