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Stick puppet

Stick puppet

Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu) holds archives on puppeteers and their puppets, such as, for example, those of Claude Monestier, Jacques Chesnais, and Georges Lafaye.

The collections on puppetry also include books and journals, engravings, photographs, posters, programs, and files of press cuttings.

In particular, the Performing Arts department holds three noteworthy collections:

  • the private collection of English actor, director, and theater set designer Edward Gordon Craig
  • the marionnettes sacrées de Nancy a collection of 18th century Venetian puppets
  • a collection of 18th century Venetian puppets
Notable items in the French shadow theater collections include the archives of Paul Vieillard, founder of the Théâtre Noir et Blanc, which are held at the Richelieu Library. Also available are books on Turkish shadow theater.


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