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Street theater

From fairground theater to the most recent festivals
Les Orbylis by the Compagnie d´Outre Rue. Festival Eclat à Aurillac, 2006

Les Orbilys by the Compagnie d'Outre Rue. Festival Eclat à Aurillac, 2006.

The Richelieu Library (Site Richelieu) holds books and journals, engravings, programs, and files of press cuttings on street theater.

More specifically, the Performing Arts department holds the following:

  • photographs of street theater from 1981 to the present day by Joël Verhoustraeten
  • drawings of costumes dreamed up by Jean-Paul Goude, and costumes created for the performance at the Bicentennial of the French Revolution 
  • costumes designed and created by Philippe Guillotel for the opening ceremony of the 1994 Olympic Games in Albertville, directed by Philippe Decouflé.

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