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Cattle at pasture

Cattle at pasture

The Library’s collections cover all areas of agronomics, as well as zootechnics and veterinary medicine. Materials on agronomics cover the various aspects of plant products farmed around the world: genetics, phytopathology, pedology, and various forms of production such as horticulture and silviculture. The Library’s zootechnics collections study animal products from the perspective of breeding, including the dairy industry and fish farming, as well as scientific and technical aspects of commercial fishing.

They also cover the latest developments in sustainable agronomics.

The Library’s veterinary medicine collections cover every discipline in the field: pathology, surgery, anatomy, and pharmacology.

The Reference library offers almost 2,500 open-access books and around 15 periodicals, most of which are in French. These are aimed at a broad audience as well as agricultural professionals.

The Research library offers almost 3,000 books and around 40 periodicals covering more specialized fields of contemporary research. These materials, most of which are in English, supplement the library’s closed-stack collections, which contain works by French agronomists and the leading foreign authors. Agriculture and horticulture have always been highly active fields for French editorial output, and the journals and records of agricultural and horticultural societies are well represented.

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