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The Pont de Normandie under construction

The Pont de Normandie under construction

The Library’s engineering science collections are based around three major fields:

  • Disciplines falling within the area of applied physics (materials, mechanics, acoustics, nanotechnologies, etc.), which are a particular focus of the Research library’s collections.
  • Traditional engineering (mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering), as well as more recent forms of engineering such as aeronautics and astronautics, telecommunications, industrial biotechnologies, environmental engineering, etc.
  • Industrial technologies, which are very well represented in the Reference library and aimed at a broad audience of professionals. All sectors are covered: industrial manufacturing, metallurgy, wood, textiles, agri-food, construction, etc.

The Reference library offers not only books and specialized journals aimed at a broad audience, but also technical documentation, including in particular the following:

  • professional guides (e.g. Bonhomme, Véritas, Réglementation thermique 2005, Encyclopédie du bâtiment, Pratique de la maintenance industrielle, Guide pratique de la CEM, etc.)
  • collections of technical standards such as the CODAP (Code de la construction des appareils à pression)

Related to this technical documentation, the Sagaweb database, which provides access to AFNOR and ISO standards, is also available for consultation in all reading rooms.

The Research library’s open-access materials include almost 10,000 books and more than 200 periodicals, most of which are in English. These include material published by major institutions and learned societies such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). Closed-stack collections include material published by French and intergovernmental bodies such as the Civil Engineering Laboratory (Laboratoire des Ponts et Chaussées), the National Institute for Research into Transport and Safety (Institut national de recherche sur les transports et leur sécurité/INRETS), the Technical Center for Mechanical Industries (Centre technique des industries mécaniques/CETIM), the International Maritime Organization (IMO), etc.

The portail Développement durable

Portail Développement durable
The "portail Développement durable" is a website centered around the Reference Library collections about sustainable development (rooms C and D). It covers a large number of disciplines, including history of the sustainable development, environment, new ways of consumption, green economy, new technologies, health risks prevention, education.

Gastronomy at BnF

The Reference library offers an open-access collection of more than a thousand works on gastronomy. These include the founding texts of gourmet French cuisine and the writings of famous gourmets, including reproductions of old works (e.g. Le cuisinier parisien by Marie-Antoine Carême and La physiologie du goût by Brillat-Savarin), a collection of books dedicated to great chefs, and works on regional gastronomic traditions and products. Materials are also available on culinary techniques and preparation. The full range of books and journals published in France on cuisine and gastronomy is also available in the Library’s closed-stack collections.

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