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Discovering the BnF's garden


from December 21, 2011 François-Mitterrand / Encyclopedia alley

This exhibition presents some of the species in the BnF’s garden and is an invitation to discover the « forest-garden ». Visitors can approach the garden life without disturbing its occupants. They also have the opportunity to better understand how to fully appreciate this unusual landscape.

Eight presentation stands have been put up along the Encyclopaedia alley's windows that look out onto the garden. This is an unusual approach of observing the species and their behaviours in this specific environment.

Some copies of botanic plates - from the BnF’s Department of science and technology – illustrate the various species. Thanks to multi-sensory interfaces, one can hear the birds warbling and appreciate plants’ fragrances.

For the visually impaired, all texts have been recorded and botanic plates specially made to offer a tactile approach. There is additional information that helps to decypher the embossed elements.

Experts from the National Museum of Natural History will be regularly assessing the changes in the garden and the exhibition in free access will be updated accordingly.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014