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Make It New. Conversations with medieval art. Carte blanche to Jan Dibbets


from November 6, 2018 to February 10, 2019 François-Mitterrand / Galerie 1

Medieval art is one of Jan Dibbets’ sources of inspiration. A major figure of the artistic contemporary scene, Jan Dibbets put a lot into this exhibition, both as an organizer and an artist. Here, he places side by side a selection of illuminated manuscripts of the Praise of the Holy Cross, an extraordinary book by Raban Maur dating back to the 9th century – famous for his figurative poems – and some thirty works representative of minimalist, conceptual and land art. The exhibition invites to take a new look at medieval art. It shows how its formal and aesthetic qualities can be reactualized today through issues connected to the perception of space or to interactions between written words and images. It highlights the artistic approach of Dibbets but also of other contemporary artists of his generation such as Carl Andre, François Morellet, Sol LeWitt, Niele Toroni and many others. This exhibition creates a dialogue between works of art with a gap of 1000 years between them and invites to contemplate them.

Jan Dibbets
Charlotte Denoël
, Chief Librarian, Manuscripts Department, BnF
Erik Verhagen, University Lecturer in History of Contemporary Art, University of Valenciennes

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

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