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Guy Debord, an art of war


from March 27, 2013 to July 13, 2013 François-Mitterrand / Large gallery

Paris, 1953. At the far end of the rue de Seine, a young man writes on a wall in capital letters: NE TRAVAILLEZ JAMAIS ! (NEVER WORK!)
Guy Debord never worked. He walked a lot on the streets of Paris and drank certainly more than others. Above all, he imagined in his works, whether books or films, the theoretical weapons for a ruthless critical thought of modern society. The avant-garde movements that he initiated - the Internationale lettriste (1952-1957) then the Internationale situationniste (1957-1972) – were the key instruments that allowed an organized struggle against anything impeding life as really lived.
Both a poet, an artist, a revolutionary Marxist, a magazine editor and a film-maker, Guy Debord was first of all the strategist of a war of movement against the pretences of our society. Very early, he precisely demonstrated the perverse effects of this society in the book he published in 1967, La Société du spectacle (Editions Buchet-Chastel, 1967).
The exhibition organised at the BnF in Spring 2013 will focus on the strategy followed by Guy Debord and his companion-in-arms. The exhibition proposes to discover, period after period, the works, vision and experience of the thinker; it also focuses on a collective adventure that gathered people fighting to set up a society that they thought to be less absurd than the system of a market capitalist economy in full expansion.
Guy Debord's archives have been purchased in 2011 thanks to the support of BnF's patrons.

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