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Gallimard: a century of publications


from March 22, 2011 to July 3, 2011 François-Mitterrand / François Ier gallery

To celebrate the centenary of the creation of Gallimard publishing house (Editions Gallimard), the BnF invites visitors to go back over one century of intellectual history, disclosing the path of one of the most famous and secret French publishing houses. Gide, Claudel, Aragon, Breton, Malraux, Joyce, Faulkner, Saint-Exupéry, Michaux, Sartre, Queneau, Ionesco, Pinter, Camus, Yourcenar, Duras, Kerouac, Modiano, Le Clézio, Kundera, Tournier... No doubt that the large number of authors whose works have been published by the Editions Gallimard would enable to trace the history of literature and ideas in the 20th century.
The famous white cover framed with red and black thin lines and bearing the initials « NRF » is the symbol of a multifaceted catalogue of publications ranging from the Pléiade to the Série noire and from children’s literature to collections of social sciences. Whatever the readers’ tastes, they can all get what they want.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to disclose a major part of archives never presented before by the publishing house and treasures from the BnF and other libraries. Among these rare items, an outstanding selection of manuscripts, first editions, correspondences and photographs is put on display.Thanks to a partnership with the INA, numerous sound and audiovisual resources highlight the professional and cultural chronicle of a hectic century which saw another conception of publishing arising behind the walls or under the bright light.


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Monday, January 3, 2011


l’article de Chroniques, le magazine de la BnF, n°57 [fichier .pdf – 1117 Ko – 21/12/10 – 3 p.]