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Picasso after the masters – The influence of ancient art in Picasso’s prints


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    The exhibition will be presented:
    - from 21 April to 3 June 2018 at the Akita Senshu Museum of Art
    - from 14 July to 2 September 2018 at Fukui Prefectural Museum of Fine Art
    - from 7 September to 8 October 2018 at the Museum Eki Kyoto
    - from 3 November to 16 December 2018 at Niigata City Art Museum
    - from 9 January to 11 February 2019 at Minami Alps City Museum of Art, Yamanashi

from April 23, 2018 to February 11, 2019 Off-site

Picasso is seen as the artist who propelled Western art into modernity: most of his contemporaries considered him as the one who destroyed tradition. However, in spite of his innovations, Picasso drew his artistic inspiration from the past. He received an academic training which, paradoxically, allowed him to get free from the classical tradition. He often mentioned the old masters he admired not only in the field of painting but also in printing; actually, he used prints as a way to keep records of his various sources of inspiration among which ancient art played a significant part. All his life long, he went to galleries and museums to feed on the paintings made by his famous predecessors, that he assimilated thanks to photographic reproductions. The exhibition presented in five Japanese institutions was organized around the collections housed at the BnF Department of Prints and Photographs. It highlights the constant dialogue existing between Picasso’s prints and the ones created by the great masters of the past, among whom Rembrandt, Goya, Ingres and Manet.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

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