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    Caroline de Bendern, « Marianne de Mai 68 », Paris, manifestation du 13 mai 1968

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  • François-Mitterrand

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from April 17, 2018 to August 26, 2018 François-Mitterrand / Gallery 1

50 years after the events of May-June 1968, this exhibition goes back over the media construction of our collective visual memory. It allows to follow the path of famous images such as the portrait made by Gilles Caron of Daniel Cohn-Bendit facing a member of the police riot (CRS) and the « Marianne de 68 » by Jean-Pierre Rey; to understand how and why the visual memory of May 68 was conveyed in black and white whereas the events were also covered in color by the press of the time; to discover that on the sidelines of periodicals, exhibitions and photographic screenings were organized and tried to be alternatives to representations disseminated by the major media; or eventually to understand why the first « Nuit des barricades » – that brought to the front page of periodicals the clashes of May 1968 – paradoxically gave place to no recurring image, no icon… This exhibition proposes several clues to understand the major role of media and publishing stakeholders in the construction of the representations of facts.

Friday, December 29, 2017